Week 4: Jesus is Coming!

(Look busy.) I’m kidding. Well, who am I kidding? You don’t have to look busy, you ARE busy. Try this, moms and dads: remember who you are. Which is, a child of God. Listen, the birth of Jesus is not going to be affected by whether we create a perfect Christmas experience for our families. Unless we make it stressful.

My daughter, Clara, who is three, recently started giving me a perfect side-eye when I start to get stressed and saying emphatically, “Mommy, that’s not very nice. You better stop, or you’ll make the baby Jesus cry.” Amen, girlfriend. The mouths of babes, y’all.

So, breathe.

And maybe do these things. Or not, if they’re stressing you out. So, here are some ideas for the home stretch.

Sunday, December 20

d71739f08ae7386bc876994e95652757It’s movie night! Snuggle up with some popcorn and hot chocolate and watch a Christmas favorite. Common Sense Media has a great list of suggestions if you need one, and you can even filter by age! This is a great resource for all year when evaluating movies, music, video games, apps, etc.

For your own growth ⇑: The most adorable Christmas pageant ever. It is sure to make you smile.

Monday, December 21

The animals arrive! Instead of a scripture, the elf has brought a song for your child to sing.

Tuesday, December 22

9781633831872_p0_v1_s192x300Color together! You can buy this book or one like it or check out these printable pages for kids and adults.

For your own spiritual growth ⇑: Did you know that adult coloring actually reduces stress? So, even if your kids aren’t into it, pick up those crayons yourself and get busy.


Wednesday, December 23

Time to notice kindness again!

Thursday, December 24

Pce28dc125f79dab6cd4d0cb6671ee9dfajamas! Also, you could add a special book that you’d like to add to your Christmas collection. Storypath has a wonderful collection of ideas for all ages. In our household, this classic is a favorite, and I plan to add this one to our collection this Christmas Eve.

Friday, December 25th!

Alas, our elf has flown back to the North Pole, but s/he has left baby Jesus in the manger with a note promising to come back next year.

Wednesday, January 6

Bonus! I hope you didn’t take down your nativity set because your wise men are arriving today. We keep all our Christmas stuff up until January 6th and generally have given Clara a gift that is just for faith growth. If your child doesn’t have a Bible, now would be a great time to give him or her one.

Merry Christmas!

Blessings, Rebecca



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