Week 3

This elf thing is starting to get old, right? Never fear! I have some more ideas for you.

Sunday, December 13: Donate a Toy

Your elf asks your child to donate some toys that he or she no longer uses. I love this idea! I originally got it here, but I made a printable for you to use since that one is written to be the first letter from the elf. Here it is: give away a toy.

Monday, December 14: Family Game Night

14326cb38a6eaa49ecd3543f6433cd75I know, I know. It’s a Monday. But how better to capture your child’s heart than with a really unexpected way to spend time with you? If your schedule is really busy, you can even set the timer on game night. I love the setup pictured of the Elf playing a mini game. So cute!


Tuesday, December 15: The Angels

mzxf3hvu37jfj6i8f27y9pqThe Angel(s) appears! Here’s some info to read, think, and pray: The Angels

For your own spiritual growth ⇑: Waiting for the Wonder invites us to consider ourselves as lesser angels.


Wednesday, December 16: Kindness

Oh, this one might feel like it’s getting old, BUT for kids, repetition is key for learning, so your elf is going to notice kindness again today.

kindness note

Thursday, December 17: The Shepherd(s)


It’s time for the shepherds to arrive. We’re getting really close to Christmas. Here’s some stuff to read, think and pray: The Shepherds



Friday, December 18: Be Nice to Someone Different From You

Today your elf has another task for your child. Here’s a printable inviting him or her to be kind to someone different: Be nice to someone who is different from you.

For your own spiritual growth ⇑: Immigrant Hearts, an article over on BuidFaith, invites us to think of ourselves as immigrants.

Saturday, December 19: Christmas Lights!

christmas_lights_by_ssandiiee-d4hjoxfThis is a great family tradition that you probably already have. Go see some Christmas lights together. Perhaps your elf will bring a note or wake up tangled in some lights.


For your parent heart ♥: Hold It up to the Light. This is so beautiful, so just go read it.



P.S. Sarah Bessey is just amazing, and I love her writing, so I’m inviting you to read this second part of her Advent Series on Peace. It spoke to my soul today, so maybe it will speak to yours too.


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