Hi SMPC Parents,

We’ve been spending the last little while getting settled into our new house, and I had a couple of thoughts last week.

  1. Christmas in our new home. This is so exciting!
  2. I wonder where our Christmas decorations are.
  3. Ugh, it’s almost Elf on the Shelf time.

Mine and my husband’s parents have been helping us with childcare during the transition, so my mom was conveniently stationed on the couch in the living room. What followed was a vent-turned-epiphany, as we thought about how to use the Elf on the Shelf to reinforce the understanding of Christmas that we’d like to impart to our daughter instead of feeding into the commercial, achievement-based secular Christmas that is so prevalent in our culture.

And then I thought, hey, I should invite the parents in my congregation to do this with me, but they are really busy, so I’ll give them some stuff to use to make it easy. Please feel free to take this and make it your own, or just use it word for word. Whatever works for you! If you don’t have an elf, DON’T BUY ONE, just use something you have. Easy is the name of the game.

So, here’s what I’m going to give you:

  1. A book (print here or pick up at the church*) for your elf to bring on the first day explaining this version of the elf on the shelf.
  2. Ideas for one week at a time, including printables if applicable.
  3. Some things just for you! If we’re talking about a specific Bible character or fruit of the spirit, I’ll include a few links for your parents’ heart, something that will be quick and can be used to deepen your own faith.

Stay tuned. The Elf arrives November 29th (not December 1st), so I’ll have week one posted in the next few days!



*Coloring books are available in the reception area of the church office in a box wrapped in striped paper and labeled “Parent Supplies.” It’s up high so little eyes don’t see it…



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